Simon Lessing
Coaching Philosophy

Simon's Coaching Philosophy

Simon regards every individual to be unique in their physical makeup, training environment and in their athletic objectives. Each person is confronted with obtaining a balance among different parts of their life. People have economic responsibilities and social life. Some have family responsibilities. Each of these must be inclusive in a program of physical activity.

Despite Simon’s devotion to his athletic career he has learned how to successfully train, race and coach at the highest levels while balancing quality time with his family and friends. This is built into Simon’s coaching philosophy. Often, as has been noted by experts, a program of strict physical discipline is a life lesson to encouraging and understanding the need for the same level of discipline in managing a professional career as well as family life.

Another aspect of individual coaching is discerning an individual’s desire to be fit or to be in shape. A coaching program for fitness has the objective of working and developing the body's all-around muscle tone and good cardio endurance — while being in shape requires a more concentrated preparation of an individual to perform at above average levels in a specific athletic event.

If your sport is triathlon or any one of the individual athletic events that make up the sport, Simon’s coaching can work for you. Simon will share his unprecedented knowledge of the sport and help you to reach your full athletic potential in any multi-sport goal.

Through Simon’s online coaching facility, you can have a personalized training program suited to your demands and workout conditions. Such a program can be individually designed and monitored through unlimited communication and guidance with his coaching staff.

It is never too early or too late to start!