Darren De Reuck

Darren De Reuck

Darren De Reuck has been coaching runners for over 20 years. Beginning in 1988, he coached club level as well as elite runners in his native South Africa. In 1993, he began serving as a training partner to his wife, Colleen De Reuck, always advising the Coach and later becoming her coach.

From 2000 – 2002, Darren headed up the official training club for one of the largest 10 km road races in the country, The Bolder Boulder. Drawing from his success with the Bolder Boulder Training Club, he formed The Boulder Striders in July 2002, a running group that caters to runners of all abilities. In September of the same year, he formed The Running Republic of Boulder.

This group is a USATF affiliated competitive running club and includes runners who are competitive at all age-group levels. Darren has served as the head coach for both of these clubs.

Running Experience

Darren’s running history began in 1979 and his running accomplishments are impressive. He has run a personal best in the marathon of 2:16:28, a half marathon in 1:04:20 and 14:18 for 5000 meters. Although his impressive history contributes to his success as a coach, Darren believes the true measurement of his success is the continuous and steady progress with his runners. Darren has had great success with not only the elite athletes he has worked with, but all levels and abilities including athletes new to running.

”Having coached runners of all abilities, it is just as satisfying to watch someone break 60 minutes for the 10 km for the first time as it is to see someone break a world best on the roads. I have been coaching since 1988 and feel each day brings something new and exciting and I will continue to grow and learn and pass that onto my runners.”

"My experience with Darren as my running coach has been very positive. In following his training schedule and coaching advice, I have run PR’s in all distances while remaining injury free. Darren really has a good sense of when you should push hard in your workouts and when you need to back off a bit. The encouragement he provides to his athletes really gives you that extra push to aim for that next level."  Bean Wrenn

Coaching Philosophy

Darren believes runners have a tendency to train too hard on their easy days. Running these easy runs at too hard an effort does not provide enough time to fully recover for the harder workout days. Easy training days are very important and a key ingredient to a solid training schedule. He stresses the importance of differentiating between hard and easy days and wants to teach his runners to apply that to their training.

Darren also encourages his runners to monitor and work with their heart rates during training. He believes this is a useful tool to help his runners train at specific paces resulting in better efficiency.

First serving as a training partner and later as her coach, Darren has had great coaching success with his wife, 4-time Olympian Colleen De Reuck. Colleen has had an impressive competitive running career dating back 23 years. She has personal bests of 2:26:35 in the marathon, 1:08:38 in the half marathon and 31:16 for the 10 km and held previous World Bests for 20 km (65:11) and 10 miles (51:16). Her longevity and success in the sport gives credence to Darren’s coaching style.

“Darren has always played some part in my training, whether it is a training partner, advisor and now coach. Many people think that a husband/wife coaching team is impossible. We have a great rapport and plus it’s easier to talk back to your husband than it is to an outsider.” Colleen De Reuck