Simon Lessing is a world renowned triathlete and 5-time World Champion. A member of the 2000 Olympic team and winner of more triathlon victories than anyone else in history, Simon has teamed up with Darren and Colleen De Reuck, as well as his wife, Lisa, to help triathletes reach their sport potential.

Darren De Reuck has been coaching runners for almost 20 years. He has worked with all levels of athletes, from club level to elite. He has also served as training partner and coach to his wife, 4-time Olympian Colleen de Reuck. This wealth of experience makes Darren a valuable part of the Boulder Coaching team.

Lisa Lessing is a top-level swim coach and certified massage therapist. She provides Boulder Coaching clients with the tools they need to define and accomplish their goals in the realm of swimming and beyond.